What are the ecological consequences of human activities?

Current research areas

Trophic interactions
Habitat fragmentation

About me

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I am a Postdoctoral Research Associate in Dr. Alex Harmon-Threatt’s lab in the Department of Entomology at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign studying the effects of habitat fragmentation on bee and insect communities.

I became curious about how humans interact with the world after an elementary school field trip to the “school forest” where I encountered the Grandfather Falls dam.

My interest in this topic has taken many forms during my career. I have been a part of projects exploring nutrient runoff uptake in rivers, the palatability of introduced species to native predators, the effectiveness of conservation biocontrol for a rangeland pest, how global climate change influences primary production in the Great Salt Lake, the non-target effects of agrochemicals on ground-nesting bees, and how habitat fragmentation and trophic interactions shape insect communities. I’m particularly keen to continue to work in fragmented ecosystems.

I am currently looking for postdoctoral opportunities starting in late spring to fall 2022. If you are interested in collaborating on a postdoctoral fellowship application or know of any opportunities, please contact me via email or visit my contact page.

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